Panayiota Polydoratou is Associate Professor at the Department of Library Science and Information Systems (libd) at ATEI of Thessaloniki (atei).

Panayiota is currently on sabbatical leave, acting as visiting scolar at TUWIEN (tuwien).

She was previously Honorary Visiting Fellow at the Department of Information Science (soi) at City University London (city) and member of staff at the Max Planck Digital Library (mpdl) at Max Planck Society (mpg), Germany. She holds a Ph.D. in Information Science from City University, awarded in 2006, and a MSc. in Information & Library Studies from University of Strathclyde. She has previously worked on projects such as Data Audit Framework and RIOJA at University College London (UCL). Until 2007, Panayiota was a member of staff at Imperial College London (IC) and contributed to projects led by Library Services, such as StORe and Defining Image Access. She has also contributed to the IC interim e-theses’ project and the VERSIONS project, which was led by London School of Economics (LSE). Previously to those she has assisted as research staff in the Digital health programme.

Research interests

Panayiota’s research interests lie in information science. Her Ph.D. investigated use and functionality of metadata registry systems. More information can be found at her research page. Other research interests include research data management, service units and information provision, new forms of scholarly communication, open access and institutional repositories.


Member of various committees (Programme, International, Executive) at the following international conferences:

  • ICADL2016: 18th International Conference on Asia-Pacific Digital Libraries (ICADL2016) (http://icadl2016.org/)
  • ISQR2016: 1st International Symposium on Qualitative Research (http://ciaiq.org/?lang=en)
  • LIS2016: International Conference on Library and Information Science (http://soci-science.org/LIS/)
  • ELPUB2016: 20th International Conference on Electronic Publishing (http://meetings.copernicus.org/elpub2016/conference/call_for_papers.html)
  • ELPUB2015: 19th International Conference on Electronic Publishing (http://www.easyconferences.eu/elpub2015/)
  • KNOWeSCAPE2014: 2nd Annual KNOWeSCAPE Conference (http://knowescape.org/knowescape2014-2/)
  • ELPUB2014: 18th International Conference on Electronic Publishing (http://elpub2014.teithe.gr/)
  • MTSR2013: 7th Metadata & Semantics Research Conference (http://mtsr2013.teithe.gr/)
  • 22nd Panhellenic Conference of Academic Libraries (in Greek) 22ο Πανελλήνιο Συνέδριο Ακαδημαϊκών Βιβλιοθηκών, 24-25 Οκτωβρίου 2013 (http://conference2013.lis.upatras.gr/)
  • International UDC Seminar 2013: Classification & Visualization: Interface to Knowledge (http://seminar.udcc.org/2013/)
  • ELPUB2013: 17th International Conference on Electronic Publishing (http://www.elpub.net)
  • BY2012 : 3rd International Symposium on Information Management in a changing world (http://by2012.bilgiyonetimi.net/en/)
  • MTSR2010 :4th Metadata & Semantics Research Conference (http://www.ieru.org/org/mtsr2010/index.html)
  • SIGIR2010: 33rd Annual SIGIR Conference (http://www.sigir2010.org/)
  • SIGIR2009: 32nd Annual SIGIR Conference (http://www.sigir2009.org/)
  • ELPUB2009: 13th International Conference on Electronic Publishing (http://wwwl.elpub.net)
  • MTSR2009: 3rd Metadata & Semantics Research Conference http://www.lintar.disco.unimib.it/MTSR09/index.html)
  • MTSR2007: 2nd Metadata & Semantics Research Conference http://www.mtsr.ionio.gr/)